Frequently Asked Questions 


About Gigify

What is Gigify?  

Gigify is an online and mobile marketplace that offers freelancers (a.k.a. GigWorkers) in Malta a new level of freedom to choose when and where they would like to work. Gigify connects GigWorkers with customers looking for help with with everyday chores and small jobs around the home, including tasks such as cleaning, moving, and handyman work. 

The gig economy is empowering millions or people around the world to work on their own terms, maximising their time and minimising the expenses and challenges that come with freelancing. 

We believe that freedom and flexibility equal happiness and true productivity.  

Why should I sign-up?

Gigfy brings a tech-based solutions and a range of benefits for anyone wishing to freelance in Malta. 

Whether you’re after better time management, looking to be your own boss, or simply want to earn more on the side; Gigify connects you with sort-term jobs that suit. 

  1. Be your own boss :: Work where and when suite you. Enter your work preference and you’ll only receive Gig requests that fit your scheduled. 

  2. Boost your income :: Effortlessly turn your free time into income doing quick turn-around jobs. 

  3. Boost your business :: Already working for yourself? Gigify helps you effortless fill any empty spots in your workflow. Sign-up and let the customers find you.

What localities of Malta does Gigify operate in? 

Gigify operates across all of Malta excluding Gozo. We hope to expand to Gozo in the not so distant future.


What kind of gigs can I get? 

Currently Gigify is offering the following list of services:

  1. • Home repairs 
  2. • Cleaning 
  3. • Furniture Assembly
  4. • Painting 
  5. • Plumbing 
  6. • Moving & Lifting 
  7. • Pet Care 
  8. • Garden Tasks 
  9. • Home Beauty 

  10. • Pet Care

  11. • Home Events  


If you’d like to see any other services on this list, get in touch with your suggestions. 


Becoming a GigWorker

What are the requirements for becoming a GigWorker?

To become a GigWorker you must:

  1. • be 18 years old;
  2. • have a Social Security number;
  3. • have a bank account (in order to receive your pay);
  4. • have skills in the service area/s you intend to offer your customers.

Owning or having access to a car is not a requirement, but in many cases it may be vital for consistently offering a timely and professional service.

How do I become a GigWorker?

  1. Sign up online :: It takes just a few minutes to complete the online on-boarding steps. 
  2. Get the App :: Download the Gigify GigWorker app available on Apple Store for iOS Devices and Play Store for Android Devices. 

Will I be a Gigify Employee ? 

GigWorkers are independent contractors and not employees of Gigify. As independent contractors, GigWorkers have more flexibility to set their own hourly rates, schedules, and work areas.


GigWorker on-boarding steps

Sign up online to create your GigWorker account.

How do I set my availability?

You can set up to 3 weeks of your availability in advance as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Gigify GigWorker account

  2. • Access the ‘My Availability’ tab                                                                                                                                                                         

  3. • Using the date selector on the left panel, select the day or days that you would like to enter availability time-slot for. To select a single day simple click on it to select. If you would like to input the same availability for multiple days, first click the ‘Multiple days’ check box and then click all the days you’d like to enter a batch time slot for.

  4. • Enter the time slot to be applied on the time entry panel (right hand side). You may enter multiple time slots in a day for full control over your work hours.

  5. • Select submit to confirm apply the time slots to the day or multiple days selected.

Note: Your will immediately become available to customer booking for the submitted time slots. In order to win as many gigs as possible, it’s important to stay onto of your availably. Rejecting gigs too often will affect your GigWorker acceptance rate.

How do I set my own rates?

You may set a specific rate for each category you include in your Gig Portfolio. You can choose your gig categories and set your rate for each doing the online on-boarding steps. You may also edit or update this at any time as follows:

  1.  Sign in to your Gigify GigWorker account;
  2. • click on the My Services tab;
  3. • click + to add a new gig category to your portfolio;
  4. • enter the hourly rate you would like to offer this service at.
Note: When entering your rate do not include VAT. This will be added automatically by the platform if you are offering a Vat Charge service.


Managing Your Gigs

Handling Gig Requests

When you receive a Gig Request you will get a notification (via email and/or app notification) which will inform you of the new request and offer a link to your ‘My Gigs’ pending panel. Here you will find a unique Gig Request Booking Card containing information on the Gig for you to review. This pending request booking card will include all the client and gig info that you need to read through carefully before confirming the gig.

In order to confirm a Gig Request, you must accept it within the accepted response time (one hour for same-day requests & amp; four hours for non-same day requests). If for any reason you choose not to accept a Gig Request, you should also aim to decline the gig within these same time as as to keep a good gig worker response rate.

Gigify’s success is built on offering a great digital, on demand solution. By keeping these timeframes on customer responses we are working together to offer an effecient on-demand service. 

Gig Request acceptance time frames: same day requests = 1 hour, non-same day requests = 4 hours.

How Do I Communicate with a Customer?

All GigWorker - Customer communications are to be carried out in writing via the Gigify In-app chat feature.
Once you have accepted a Gig Request, the Chat functionality (located on any Gig Card in the Upcoming Gigs panel) will become available to the GigWorker and the Customer a like.

We strongly advise that all GigWorker-Customer communications are made via Gigify chat in order to keep all conversations, photos, receipts for materials, and so on organised in one place.

Can I chat with a Customer after a gig is complete?

The chat feature on any completed gig will remain open for 24 hours after the GigWorker has completed a gig. This allows a timeframe in which the GigWorker and Customer can communicate any final points.  

If for any reason you would like to communicate with a customer once this time has elapsed, drop us a message here, with we will help out.

The customer wasn’t there, what should I do?

If you turn up at the gig location and the Customer is more than 20 minutes late and not responding to your chats, contact Gigify by calling +356 21669254. We will mediate and work to resolve the misunderstanding from this point.
In such instance the GigWorker will receive equivalent to one hour of their rate for the service booked. See the Gigify T&Cs for more our Customer Cancelation policy.