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Find help around the home and office; anything from daily chores to maintenance and repairs.


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Your agenda comes first. Get help when and where you want it.


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Browse rates, bios, and customer reviews to find the right GigWorker for you.

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Book a GigWorker instantly; whenever and wherever suits you, from our website and full feature app.


Transparent pricing

Keep costs in check at all times with instant estimates, up-front rates and inbuilt quote management features.


100% cash free platform

Get it done without a trip to the bank. Convenient and secure online payments for everything from booking to tipping.


Become a GigWorker

Earn your way while helping others in your area


Be your own boss

Escape soul crushing routines and big headed bosses. Work when you want, where you want, doing the type of gigs you prefer.


Work. Life. Balanced.

Discover a whole new level of freelance freedom and flexibility. Set your precise availability and you’ll only ever get gigs that fit snugly in your schedule.


Boost your business

Already enjoying freelance freedom? Gigify is the perfect way to fill gaps in your schedule and boost your business.